Duct Tape – What Can’t You Do?

Duct tape has been around since World War II when the US military used it for battlefield repairs. Since then it has been used for everything from wrapping cables to holding up Bubba’s bumper on his 1972 Chevy PickUp truck. What can’t you do with?

Maybe more important what can you do with duct tape? People will use it for repair radiator hoses, fixing clothes, a temporary bandage (or even longterm). I read a group that describes how to get rid of warts using duct tape. I work with a guy who has a wallet made out of duct tape complete with heavy duty grommets. I don’t think the Postal Service prevents you from using it on packages. The US government suggested all citizens have a couple rolls of duct tape to protect against a chemical or biological attack.

Will duct tape even be able to seal a home and protect it from airborne microbes? Isn’t there something more attractive, longer lasting, and less expensive then duct tape?

Ironically enough the one thing you should not use duct tape for is for sealing ducts. According to the California Energy Commission duct tape should not be used to seal ducts because it has a short lifespan and does not adequately seal ducts. Go figure!

How do you use duct tape – click here and share your stories.


One thought on “Duct Tape – What Can’t You Do?

  1. Just yesterday there was a news story about the people in Portland Oregon who use duct tape to mark off their spot along parade routes and the city council has now made it illegal to use Duct Tape to mark your spot.

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