Fastlane Lesson #1 – Self Checkout

I had a great idea today, create tips for living life in the fast lane. Periodically I will write about survival techniques for a fast paced world. This will not include herbal enhancement, space / time fabric shifters – just steps to keep up and not get in the way.

Fast Lane Lesson #1 – Self Checkout
The self check out lanes have sprung up in grocery and discount stores all over. The sessence is that multiple lanes of checkout can be managed by a single observer. Generally, these are super express lanes meant for the quick pick up person. Here are a couple of tips to make the experience pleaseant for everyone.
1) Limit the number of items you must scan – a basket full of groceries is not appropriate for self checkout 10-20 items (depending on size) is adequate.
2) Allow items scanned to fill the bag and register their weight. Items bagged register their weight by weight sensitve bag holders. Even gently toss in a bag of frozen peas or socks to help the machine proceed.
3) Keep away from the bagging area. Bumping or interfering with the bag sensor will cause the computer to stop. You’ll end up waiting for the pimple-faced kid watching the screen to override your mistake.
4) Don’t take young kids through the self check out lane. I love kids – but young children will slow down the process for everyone. Go through the traditional lanes.
5) Make eye contact with the observing cashier. This is the person who will expedite you through any problems. If they are chatting with other people they will slow down the process also. Be nice to them – it has got to boring watching everyone buy milk, cough syrup and spaghetti all day.
6) Don’t practice life in the fast paced work during peak times. Friday night is not the time to learn how to use a grocery self checkout. If you haven’t practiced do it when you don’t have others waiting for you to get out of the way. Try a little trip on Wednesday morning, stop by the hardware store on Tuesday night – you’ll have less distractions and a greater chance to get some help if you need.
7) You’re a greater hero if you step aside – if you are in over your head bow out early. If you are not as fast as others in the self checkout line step aside gracefully or avoid it until you get some off hour practice.
8) Cash is So 1990 – its an electronic age. Use a credit / debit card to pay for items.

If you’ve got ideas about how to help others keep up send them to me – click here.


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