Paul – A City Manager?

It is kind of like putting together IKEA furniture. The first one takes forever – thereafter you put the things together like a seasoned factory worker. I’m speaking of course about the latest Geographic Information System GIS assignment I completed. The tasks was to determine the optimal site to place a Baseball Stadium, Fire Station and Landfill. The first map took about two weeks to complete, the second about two days or 6 hours. The last map went the fastest about 45 minutes (my personal favorite).
The purpose for such a system is to enable planners and managers a spatial representation of information for decision making. I’m still working toward my goal of building a facilities management system on such a platform – I know it can be done and each step is closer to reality. Picture it a Director of Infrastructure as I am could put all their computers, assets (inventory), moving items in a GIS. Real time data could be fed in with RFID and a facilities manager would be able to see real time the state of their operations. A plant manager could identify bottlenecks in productions, a general would be able to see the position of their troops, a city manager would be able to monitor traffic flows, etc.

These are not the only examples, it seems probable that based on certain criteria being reached, contingencies or other plans could be instituted in advance to react and correct these problems. So much to learn, but take a second to see what I have already created.

Like an IKEA experience building these projects are half the battle – hours of your life are gone, your family glares at you for the time it took to complete a simple tasks – and my works of art will last longer on the fridge door than any other impression they could make. Education… Gotta Love It!


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