Refined Speech

MWSeveral months ago I introduced my recommendations for refined language. I suggested that we begin in the English language to eliminate and consolidate unnecessary letters like c and x. Instead replacing them with existing letters like k, and s respectively.

With lackluster performance among the English speaking world – I figure we should start on smaller concepts like word choice. We should work each week selecting the proper word for the occassion such as:

When we have completed something instead of saying ‘I am done’, we should say ‘I am finished. The proper use of the word finish not only is more fitting for the ocassion but it reserves the word ‘done’ for its intended use. Finished is defined by Webster’s dictionary as: to come to the end of a course, task, or undertaking b: to end relations. Done is defined as “the order or clan originating from the Welsh Highlands of sheep raising and basketry fame “.

Confusing the two of these terms not only reflects utter disregard for the subtle yet definite nuances provided by each word but may cause confusion concerning your genealogical background. If you have completed a large dinner party and lean back to exclaim “I am Done“. Your guests may wonder if you are related to that handsome and dashing young chap Paul M. Done; at which point you will remember this conversation and correct yourself to say, “I am finished


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