On the Horizon

GMThis may be of little interest to many of you, but I have been partcipating in a Geographic Information System (GIS) Graduate Certificate program. I am nearly half way through the program and already begin to understand the depth this science deals with. I’ve decided on the following classes to finish the program:
Fall 2008:
GEOG 563Advanced Geographic Information Systems Discusses advanced GIS concepts including spatial data structure, spatial analysis, programming data fusion, Internet components, and spatial database management. Hands-on activities demonstrate concepts and specific applications in both cultural and physical geography.
GEOG 505Transportation Geography Structure, principles, location, and development of world transportation. Critical role of transportation in moving people, goods, and ideas at international, national, regional, and urban levels.
Spring 2009
GEOG 653Geographic Information Analysis Explores existing and potential capabilities of geographic information systems in conducting spatial analysis and modeling.

After these last three classes I will have completed the program. I recommend these graduate certificates as a means of intensely diving into a topic in a very focused means. A interesting (and unexpected result) was the tuning of my thoughts about data organization and problem definition. Not typically things you think about when it comes to maps.
You may ask what someone as I will do with the education afterwards . . . I will not likely become a geographer, nor work as a city planner, or even work for an organization doing GIS work. What I will likely do is apply this knowledge and experience to solve management problems. I am using the concepts I have learned to develop web based management systems. I would like to develop decison systems that take spatial data, apply business rules, and yield resources that enable organizations ot make informed strategic decisions – it may be a dream and I’ll keep doing what I am doing. I am happy and content . . sure, so why not?


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