Hey Delilah – Stop It!

Mad MamaIt is probably me, but the past several days everywhere I go seems to be bombarded with this song called Hey Delilah by Plain White T’s. They (he?) is a pop band that sings a catchy tune about a guy whose girl has gone off to school in New York City. If you haven’t heard the song, a free version is available by watching it on YouTube. Here is a copy.

The first five times it was cute. Now this bloody tune has permeated every bastion of decent society. My soul is stained with the ectoplasm of pop culture. It hs gotten so bad that I am standing in Lowes Hardware Store (my Man Sanctuary) and this cock-eyed song comes blasting over the speakers.

Oh sure, I even sang along, and lip sync’ed it with my daughter – but like heroin this is a damn hard habit to break. I don’t recommend listening to it more than once. As soon as you do, quickly listen to some Kenny Rogers, or Led Zepplin to prevent these acerbic notes from effecting you as they have me.

Now, if you are so effected, or think you are tough enough to withstand more abuse, a small counter culture has sprung up with parodies. Some of my antagonistic alternatives are Hey Khalilah about an Arabic ex-pat or another of an anonymous stalker/kidnapper.

We can’t stop them, but remember you have been warned – teen age angst is sometimes preferred to sappy, gooey love songs.


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