Turn off error checking when entering numbers into Excel text fields

You designed your Excel spreadsheet so that you will be able to keep track of your products’ prices and part numbers, and you applied the Text format to the Part Number column — yet every time you enter a part number into a cell, the Smart Tag pops up with a Number Stored As Text error. You can turn off this type of error checking without having to turn off Smart Tags altogether — follow these steps to prevent the error from occurring in Excel 2007:

  1. Click the Office button.
  2. Click the Excel Options button.
  3. Click Formulas in the left column.
  4. Under Error Checking, clear the Numbers Formatted As Text Or Proceeded By An Apostrophe check box.

To prevent the error from occurring in Word 2002/2003:

  1. Go to Tools | Options.
  2. Click the Error Checking tab.
  3. Clear the Number Stored As Text check box, and click OK.

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