Get quick help with your Access forms with ToolTips

When designing an Access application, don’t neglect to plan for the ToolTips! ToolTips let you provide context-sensitive help wherever and whenever needed. To access your ToolTip help, simply move your mouse pointer over a control on the form and the Tooltip will appear with help on that control. Not only can ToolTips cut down on training time, they can also reduce the number of calls to the help desk. To add a ToolTip to a form control, follow these steps:

  1. Open the form in design view.
  2. Right-click the control and then select Properties.
  3. On the control’s property sheet, click the Other tab.
  4. Click in the ControlTip Text box.
  5. Enter the appropriate help text for the control.

For longer help text entries, you can wrap the text by pressing [Ctrl][Enter] wherever you want a line break to appear.

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