Paul the Cartographer?

First, a warm welcome to a number of new subscribers. Over the weekend I updated the list of those receiving updates by email. A reminder this is an email update of a blog I manage which can be found at
Base MapAlso over the weekend I was working on some GIS Projects a part of a graduate program I am working in. The project was to create projected maps using census data from 2000 to find population density, ethnic distribution, and Asian population counts in the United States.
After 2 1/2 hours of developing the base map I was able to plug in the numbers in about 15 minutes for each data set. While this is preliminary work I was amazed at how my love for databases and interest in cartography (map making) are so intertwined with GIS. The full assignment may be viewed here.
Some days I feel it is only a lack of imagination that limits what people can do when they put their mind to it. A future dream I have is to develop an automated web based facilities management tool using GIS. If you think of it you take a floor plan of a building, create shape files out of offices and plug in data to describe the components of the room. With those objects (computer, phone, furniture) associate that with your asset management system and you could create and respond to events before issues arise. “One system to manage them all.” – sounds like a cheesy Evil Overlord line from a B-rate movie. Anyway you get the idea.


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