RU Linked In?

Linked InThe amount of social networks and the ways they connect people is growing. It use to be the sites like FaceBook and MySpace were for the high school crowd. I remember a couple of years ago how amazed I was when I was helping to drive a large group of youth. Before everyone departed in their different directions each said ‘Check out my MySpace page‘ or ‘I’ll post the pictures to MySpace‘. It was everywhere, but seemed too juvenile for me and my colleagues. Now, professional adults are increasingly taking advantage of these networks to improve their networking ties and improving their professional relationships.
One such site I have recently found is called LinkedIn. This site purports to be a a network of 17 million experienced professionals in 150 industries. The purpose is to assist you in the work you already do among the professional relationships you already have.
I found this as I was talking to a co-worker and researching portfolio programs for college students showcasing their work to future employers. LinkedIn immediately has a professional edge to it detailing work experience, education, and professional accomplishments in a short interview process. Within 10 minutes I had what appeared to be a nearly complete profile. When I had completed my profile I found about a dozen people I’ve worked with who already had their profiles created.
If you like to see my public profile click here. While you’re at it create your own and build your own network.

Join Now Link


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