Compute Against Cancer

Compute Against CancerEvery once in a while you find how computers can bring people together to solve a problem facing society. In fact this is happening more often than you might imagine.
One such problem is solved by a process called parallel processing. This happens when someone has a problem that takes a lot of computer power to solve. Even with the fastest computers in the world there are still problems too large for computers to handle quickly. Parallel processing solves this by splitting up the entire problem and dividing it to hundreds even thousands of other people to solve their portion at the same time. The results are then returned to the originator in a fraction of the time it would have taken one very large computer to complete.
Teams around the Internet compete to see who can complete the most tasks. The result is an amazing amount of otherwise idle computer power dedicated to solving complex problems.Parabon
I am lead on the SOMIT team. Currently our team has over 150 nodes working on Parabon’s Compute Against Cancer campaign. This project uses unused computer cycles when your computer is idle or otherwise not used.
If you are interested in joining the team send me a message by clicking here.


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