1 Year – Reflection

This blog is one year old today 2/14/2008. As I consider the past year we’ve learned a lot. First, a lot of development time has gone into to making this successfully and professional (for a personal blog). Here is a recap:

1) Hosted on a server running from inside my house. This took a lot of work and configuration. My goal was to create a fully functional server running on mid-grade computer. I did this and over the year created and registered two domains pdone.dyndns.org and pauldone.com. Cost: About $45 not counting computer costs.
2) Create a Blog with regularly published meaningful content – this one is left for you to decide. I have created a blog and filled it with a number of observations, finds, and insights. I have tried to write useful information but appreciate everyone’s responses and comments either posted or sent via email which help direct my posts.
3) Use the Process for Others to Reproduce – you may recall I started on BlogSpot. The BlogSpot blog is still published, but you may recall earlier in the year it was extremely limited in its ability to use things like videos, no developer connection, could not use other publishing means, and relied on Atom. All is all BlogSpot is meant for the beginner and served us well as we began.
4) Cultivate a Wider Audience – one benefit of a web log is the ideas that readers bring to the discussion. The first step was to develop this base of readers. As of yesterday I found we have 67 subscribers, and visitors in the past three months from 20 US States, Germany, New Zealand, Philippines, India and Canada.  In the last year there have been 4,452 normalized visits (normalized means I took out my own hits). The average number of pages visited were 8 and the average time on the site was 26 minutes.

The coming year I think I will begin to publish more videos, increase the ability for you to participate, and help make you more successful in the things you do. Please send your ideas as I’d love to see them!

We have been successful because you have made it that way. Thanks


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