Working With Your Energy Cycle

Julie Morgenstern writes in her book Making Work Work some tips to becoming and staying productive. She indicates that everyone needs at least one hour a day of scheduled, uninterrupted work time to focus on critical tasks. Matching these times with the times your are most alert is ideal (when possible).

It is hard to concentrate when you feel like you should be doing something else. However, those who command their lives instead of letting their lives command them are making the most effective use of their time.

I’ve found my best time of day is when I first wake up. Given a good morning and healthy breakfast I can charge through my day full of vitality and vigor. Fortunately for me I’ve a supervisor (Dave thanks for reading) who recognized this and let me work early and leave eight hours later at my discretion. I’ve done this since October 2007 and think I have found a trick for life.

Here are couple of more strategies suggested to create the time to get things done:
1) Never check email the first hour of the day
2) Pay attention to your natural energy cycles
3) Stretch time by planning (I call this Plan Tomorrow Today)
4) Decide now how/when you will implement these strategies.

“Awareness is everything. Consciously managing your energy throughout the day by proper planning, rather than mindlessly grabbing a candy bar or fifth cup of coffee, will help you produce more in less time and stay healthy.” -Julie Morgenstern

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