DreamsSurely you’ve seen it – the Professor Pausch lecture titled Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. If not it is worth a view when you have some time.
One thing he talked out about (about 10 minutes in) was about his football coach. After a day of really riding the team hard – young Randy Pausch was told “if you’re screwing up and people aren’t giving you a difficult time – it means they’ve given up on you.

That made me think – is it somehow how a duty to give what may seem like harsh correction to those we care about? Also, to what level is acceptable. Obviously the one receiving the criticism doesn’t like it a bit when they receive it.

So I came up with a list of things that seems acceptable:
1) Family – it is a parent’s duty to lead their children and enforce rules when they are designed to refine behavior. Children should be treated as young adults until such time they become adults.
2) Workplace – a supervisor should clearly (as possible) identify goals, expectations and desired norms. Everyone is a subordinate to someone and should constantly be seeking to magnify their efforts sing their leader as a coach. When correction is necessary it should be faced.
3) Society – we are a community of individuals. None of us exist without the need of others around us. We should give respect to those around us whether on the road, in the grocery line, or the ballpark. Before wedo something that might effect others ask our selves – not would we mind if someone did this to me; but how would I feel if that person did that to my parent, spouse, child or friend.

Needless to say – thinking about this phrase by Professor Pausch has caused me to think several things today. Maybe you’re perfect in this realm, but give me a break – I am still working on it. 🙂

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