Homemade TiVo

First, you may be finding by now that I am more actively blogging than any other time. It’s a goal – a post a day of meaningful stuff for a month. For your benefit (or not) I’ve chosen the shortest month of the year.

DVII have nearly finished my homemade TiVo. A TiVo is a tool most people pay a monthly subscription to record and playback television. I have put a computer in the mix to record, playback and archive TV – something TV can’t do . Plus, do it without the subscription fee.
Tonight was a test watched a TV show that I simutaneously recorded which came out flawlessly. The video recorded is actually perfect, sound is not Dolby 7.1 (yet) but perfect otherwise – and the computer held up flawlessly for the hour. Only heard the fan kick in through a audio-active intense video commercial.
Now the final spec – or changes I will make to make it complete is a cable I just found on the internet. Currently I run an S-Video cable from the computer to the television. Video is a bit lossy – at least I notice. Instead I have found that a DVI-I to DVI-D cable is compatible with my computer and television and will deliver (suspect) a much crisper display at higher resolution. I expect to be able to go from 800×600 @ 30Hz on S Video to 1920×1080 @ 60Hz or 1280×1024 @ 85Hz with the DVI-D Male To DVI-D Male Single Link Digital Cable.

Do any of you technophiles have recommendations? BTW the video card is 256MB PCI-E


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