Running Late?

Ever feel like you walk through a time warp as you look at your computer clock, watch, cell phone and wall clock. With all the clocks we have now it is harder and harder to know what time is right. Fortunately you can make sure one clock is correct – your computer. Your computer is connected (presumably) to a vast network of authoritative time servers. A time server is an atomic clock generally regarded as the right time.

To make your computer update its clock with one of the atomic time servers do the following:

In Windows open Start -> Run -type cmd and press OK.

In the black window that appears type in  w32tm /resync and press Enter. Wait a few moments and if the time on your computer clock was wrong it is now updated. Note: This works best on computers connected to the internet and not part of a company intranet or firewalled.

If you prefer some automatic program to do this for you one of my favorite tools is Atomic Clock Sync You can download here for free.


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