RSS Reader – Thunderbird

Thunderbird LogoRSS Feeds are a nice way to remain current with information published on the internet. Many sites and developers are creating RSS feeds to allow users to subscribe to content as it is updated on their site.
There are a number of RSS readers available some are web client others installed as applications on your computer. For this demonstration we will use Mozilla Thunderbird to subscribe and read RSS feeds.
Open your Thunderbird program and navigate to Tools -> Account Settings.
In the bottom left, click on Add Account. From the menu that appears choose RSS News & Blogs and click Next. Give this account or RSS Feed a title that will help you remember the content(s) of this subscription; click Next and Finish. Click OK on the Account Settings page.
Now that you have returned to main window you should find a new category named after the title you have created. Click on that title and select Manage Subscriptions in the main window.
Click the Add button in the bottom left hand corner of the Feed Properties window. Type or paste the address of the feed you wish to subscribe to in the Feed URL box. Click OK to display the feed in the subscriptions window. Close this window by selecting the red x in the top right hand corner.
Now as you look under your subscription heading in the folder panel you will be able to track your RSS subscriptions as they are updated.
This video should help walk you through the steps we have completed above. Click Here


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