Businesses will continue to avoid Windows Vista

I read the following today about Microsoft Vista: (Source: Tech Republic)
Windows Vista will almost certainly sell more licenses in 2008 than it did in 2007, but that doesn’t mean that businesses will deploy it in large numbers. Since a Vista upgrade offers no major value proposition over Windows XP SP2, it’s difficult to see businesses ever widely adopting it under any current scenario. Plus, there have been rumblings that Microsoft might release Windows 7 (the successor to Vista) in 2009, which could indicate that Microsoft is on the verge of simply writing off Vista and attempting to move the majority of Windows users directly from XP to Windows 7.

My personal experience with Vista is not promising. I bought a new computer that came pre-installed with Vista from the factory. After months of dealing with a number of issues not the least of which was poor performance and driver incompatibility I finally HAD to remove it and put a more open operating system. The end result was the computer ran like a new computer should and everything works better now. My small sphere of influence allows me to make technical decisions and based on what I know and my experience I won’t be deploying Microsoft Vista any time soon. The entire experience is eerily similar to the virus formerly called Windows ME


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