What Is A Blog?

If you have been reading these posts you are already familiar with a blog. A blog is short for a web log where posts are arranged in chronological order with the newest entries at the top. In many cases a blog is used to share observations, events and allow readers to leave comments on each post.

Why Would Someone Blog?
Each blogger’s reason may be uniquely their own. One common reason for blogging is to share their thoughts, news, or observations with other readers. A company or organization may use it as means to communicate with their customers or investors. I use this blog to keep in contact with family and friends, and share the experiences and observations I have.

H ow Do I Find Out When Posts are Made?
There are some technical ways to receive the most recent updates. Sometimes the author may send an email, other times you can use an RSS reader to receive updates. As the popularity of this blog increases I have not been able to keep everyone up dated as posts are made. Instead I have developed a means where you can receive updates by email. For this blog I have created a means where you may subscribe to receive updates by email.
On the right hand bar there is a link titled Receive Updates by Email. When you click here you can sign up to receive updates by email. Many people find this an easier way to recieve timely updates.

Can I Create a Blog Too?
A blog is a simple tool to create. There are many formats, most of which don’t even require a server or technical knowledge. I have tried a couple of tools. For the beginner who just wants to quickly begin making a blog I recommend BlogSpot. For someone with access to a web server WordPress is another good choice. A blog is fun, informative and a great way to share your talents, experiences and news. If you would like help creating a blog feel free to contact me.

Go ahead, sign up for updates by clicking here.


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