Bulbs and a Park-like plan

BulbsThe trees planted around the property are fine. Although it was very cold today (low 40’s) I was able to do some great planting. In my weekly trek to the garden store I found a clearance rack of bulbs. Normally ranging in price from $4-$7 dollars I got a number of packs for less than $2. This afternoon I came home and planted 60 Chionodoxa luciliae, 45 Muscari latifolium, 15 Lorios danfordiae, 15 Lorios pixie, and 6 Narcisos loveday (Daffodils).  In all I expect as the weather begins to turn very cold it may be my last planting until spring.
I expect in coming years the yard will take on an even greater park-like feel. In the past year we have planted 7 large shade trees, 300+ bulbs, and perennial flowers that should come back each year.
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