Confessions of a K-Mart Shopper

I’ve suffered through the belittling comments of my family since I did it. Therefore, I confess, I shopped at KMart on Black Friday. I wasn’t a raving lunatic at 4am when the doors opened, but I crossed th threshold joining that society for an hour. Except for the hour (8am), the retail madness consistent with the day, and the less than refined fellow shoppers, it wasn’t really bad. There is something else . . . Click Here to Read More.


One thought on “Confessions of a K-Mart Shopper

  1. “You shopped at Kmart?!!!”
    Some people were shocked to know that we shopped at Kmart last Black Friday. I found a real good deal for a big gift. The item is the same where ever you go…but it was at significantly low price at Kmart. My husband, of course, wasn’t all that excited to go to Kmart. But because he loves me, he went with me. We bought a few items and went out.
    We don’t pretend to shop at Nordstrom or Pottery Barn so we would look classy. We spend our money wisely and don’t spend what we don’t have. Consequently, we are not drowning in credit card debts like millions of Americans. We will still be happy after all the Holiday shopping! 

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