TURN Industries

I’ve been offered a position with TURN Consulting as a Senior Advisor and Chief of Media Relations. My duties will include developing revolutionary approaches to change management and avoiding all relations with the media as the organization grows and expands throughout the world. This organization works on strategic change management in large international organizations where downsizing or other reconstructive methods fail to yield the desired results.
While I have yet to formally accept the position the protential of joining this international organization is exciting.


2 thoughts on “TURN Industries

  1. TURN Industries is Taking Your Revolution National (T.U.R.N.) It is a consulting firm much like a wedding consultant who takes the plans of your event and helps you coordinate the details. TURN just happens to find down-trodden groups who wish to start their own revolution but don’t necessarily have the expertise to organize the details (weapons, uniforms, personnel to fill key government posts, etc) The logistics stuff. TURN is an equal opportunity coup organization that doesn’t discriminate between fascist, capitalists, or communist dogmas and supports all equally without preference or bias. Where clients may be facing each other TURN works with its affiliates to reach the desired outcome.

    Funny thing about supporting revolutions is how similar they are to weddings – lot’s of crying, cake (let them eat it), and in the end it falls apart anyway.

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