Appointment at the White House

We were fortunate enough today to take a tour of the White House in Washington DC. As is typical for many government locations in the DC area security was a high concern. The White House requires you to make reservations months in advance. Adults must submit Social Security numbers, date of birth and citizenship before being confirmed. A number of rules prevent people taking many common devices like cameras or recorders of any type. The reservations are strictly scheduled which provide for a light crowd throughout the tour.
The House is beautiful. It is nice to walk through the halls where so much history important in this country takes place. Surprisingly it is not very large. On a couple of levels the self guided tour shows the public places where dinners, receptions, press conferences and other functions are held. The offices, residences and other areas are not shown and secreted away by a single partition I saw down a single hall.
The rest of the morning we travelled around some points in Washington we’ve yet to see. Imelda wanted to go to the Kennedy Center, I walked up to the Iwo Jima Memorial and found spectacular views of the Tidal Basin and DC.

More pictures are here.


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