These Small Hours

Meet the RobinsonsI just sat with my kids to watch one of the warmest movies I’ve seen in a long time. We watched Disney’s Meet the Robinsons. The story is about a poor orphan boy who seeks after the memory of his mother who left him at an orphanage in his infancy.
The kid is brilliant and through his discovering mind is paired up with his future family to correct the past and make sure his future is maintained. The theme makes you remember that is only in this life can we decide what in our future life can become. You also recall that by small and simple steps our lives can be changed. By never giving up, we learn from our errors and become better.
It is from the villian in the movie (Bowler Hat) that we learn holding on to a painful past can only cause of future misery and grief. He learns this and is able through events in the movie to become happy and successful reaching his dreams with help from his friends.
I recommend this movie for all ages. Its message is one that can transcend ages and generations. The songs that concludes the movie is a perfect uplifting melody sure to become a classic. (Click here for the video)


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