Should We Die Before Our Journey’s Through

I realize the morbidity of the thought – but any one of us can easily enjoy our last day today. Few of us know when this life will end for us. Some may grow old and die, others walk out of their home to be hit by a bus, still others quietly slumber into the twilight of their lives.
On occassion such it is with me. I feel the inklings that any day could be your last. It seems like yo better make sure things are in order. There is little sadness nor is their depression but instead a realization that living in this life is a part of life as much as dying and transferring to the next.
I’ve had few close family members pass away. A grandfather and grandmother I grew up with passed away a few years ago. Occasionally I sense they are aware of our life. Another grandfather and great gand mother are the only other close people to me that I’ve known who have died.
No one need fear this is spawned by depression; quite to the contrary. I’ve a great family that I enjoy coming home to each day. We spend quality time together. I enjoy going to work, and work with many great people. I’ve friends and acquaintances the world over that bring richness and happiness.All is Well.


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