If You Consider…

…the lives we have which are so filled with nonsense, it can distract us from those things which are truly important. A couple of years ago I sat in a meeting where the speaker indicated he had a Cottonwood stump on the edge of his property where he would go to enjoy quiet reflection. Recently I’ve thought how nice and even necessary that is for our lives – a place to go and think.

I’ve talked with a friend I haven’t seen in nearly a decade who indicated the struggles in their life. It is trite to say we all have that – but it is the truth. We are all struggling with something in our lives.

It is not wise to tune in and drop out, but a focus of balance and “first things first” is necessary. Swimming class, violin class, this meeting and that association may fill our calendars but does it fill our lives?
How can we simplify our lives and replace the savings with meaningful activities. What are meaningful activities that uplift, encourage, and improve us?

What are some of these activities?


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