Friends & Acquaintances

I am grateful for friends. Most of the people I associate with are acquaintances. This is not bad, but acquaintances are people I have a common interest, association, or even goal. They enhance our life, provide us perspective, and encourage us.
Friends are different. Friends can be a spouse. Mine, Imelda is my best friend on Earth. She is normally very supportive, she cares for my well-being and often encourages me to be better. (Other times she pushes, nags and shows her disappointment in me and my shortcomings – she has to look who she is dealing with…) Regardless, Imelda is my best friend on Earth.
Then there are people whose association in this life highlight the experience. A few people come to mind. My parents, grandparents, church leaders, friends I met on a mission, people I grew up with as a child. They are few and far between, but the memories are great.
I look forward to the day after this life when we shall meet again and reminisce about the good times, reflect on this life and enjoy being together again.


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