Trip Is Ending

We are finishing our last night in Iowa. We’ve spent some wonderful time with family. Our kids have met (again) and played with almost all of their cousins and met Uncles and Aunts (again again) who they’ve forgotten. I have felt a certain feeling that I should spoil my neices rotten. This week much to their parent’s dislike I have packed their children full of candy, soda and popcorn. I think at least in Isabelle’s and Eva’s eyes I am their best uncle – Ain’t I shameful! I think my brother and sisters have the most beautiful children – surprising since their parents are not.
I have also spent a part of the week searching my parents home for pictures of my childhood and family since passed. My sister Kerrie got me started on the idea so I dedicate my efforts to her. Sorry Kerrie, it i snot much but all I saw were baby pictures of me! 🙂 The photos have been posted on my web photo album – you can find them by clicking here.
I’ve not thought of work (too much), but it has been nice to realize (again) that I have a life that may include my occupation but is not defined by my occupation – I needed that. I have a family that can be eternal and my relationships here will last forever.


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