The Transformation of James L. Done

He probably doesn’t know it but I really impressed with my brother Jimmy. It has been a couple of years since I have seen my brother. He use to be trying to define who he was and tripping all over himself in the process. He has found a very nice wife who has made him want to be better. Teresa taught Jimmy the law (like he hadn’t already learned) and made him want to settle down. This week I saw my brother a changed MAN.
I sat tonight next to him at dinner and spoke about the beer brauts he loves, about our children and my other brother Adam among so much more. What I remember as he talking to me was how we use to be best friends. I remember when we were younger how we were best friends – we’d share toy pistols, shared rooms, and I’d look out for him as we’d go out playing together. Those memories as well as those I experienced tonight cover up so many other painful ones. The ones where I’d here about (or witness) the mistakes he made. Jimmy is my brother again and I am so glad to have him back.
He has got steps to go and he’ll probably stumble some more but now he has got a family to lead to go along with him. Good luck Jimmy – let’s help Adam.


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