Long Drive

Wow! We drove, and drove, and drove. We almost thought we were going to drive off the edge of the earth until we realized it was Dixon, Illinois. Yesterday we left about 6:30 from Manassas and took 66 to 81 then got up to 70 through Pittsburgh. From Pittsburgh we drove northwest to Ohio and across I-80 to Chicago. We saw lots of America’s corn and soybean almost ready for harvest. We drove into Chicago and saw the Sear’s Tower from the south near sunset.
One thing I am very grateful for (even though Imelda laughs at me) is having a GPS device. Last night as we followed Imelda’s directions we got a little lost. Granted northern Chicago isn’t bad, we pulled off and finally mapped out a correction. Without a GPS we would have had no idea where we were and no way to know how to get where we wanted to go. It worked, we found our way and decided (I did) Imelda needs to learn better map reading skills.
The (nice?) thing about traveling west is the timezones allow us to sleep in and still rise early. Got a nice picture outside of our hotel window in Dixon, IL. More posts later.


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